Look, we know homework is boring, but are your toys starting to look dull?  Is that playground slide getting tiresome?

Get ready to think different and meet BIP — a wacky video game hero who has escaped into our world!  To him everything is fresh and funny and fantastic… and he’ll show YOU that even the most boring day can be an amazing adventure!!




Bright, brave and and naïve… a professional troublemaker.
Bip is a fish out of water, a superpowerful and relentless videogame hero in a totally unknown world for him.
Bip fights underwater monster in the game; THEREFORE, he gets in combat mode whenever he faces up any kind of marine or aquatic element in our world: the class’ fish-lovable pet, a t-shirt with a crab design, or even a tuna can!


The nerdy friend

“SuperNil to the rescue!”

A dreamy nerd fond of comics, videogames, toys collectable any kind of nerdy things.
Enthusiastic, imaginative … and very, very peculiar: he sees conspiracies and alien invasions everywhere.
He wants to become a real superhero like Bip and save the world.


The temperamental romantic

“Loves me, loves me not, loves me … loves me not?
How dare you, filthy smelly flower?”

She loves pink and princesses. Realistic, selfish … but still likeable – it’s just her heart cannot resist Marc’s presence!
Lena likes to play the ‘old girl’ and look down on the rest of the guys.


The hardened idealist

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life”

Smart, sensitive, empathic… Mia loves nature, animals and anything that sounds organic or defenseless.
Mia always brings a lost cause to fight for: global warming, the hole in the ozone layer … or just a family of snails that is suffering from some kids playing soccer around.


The charming idiot

“Are you talking to me? Hey.I ‘m talking to you …

Uh-oh, sorry, Mr.Mirror”

Marc is the action and competitive type: he likes running, jumping, climbing, lifting heavy stones … everything sounds better than thinking!


The outrageous pet


Superstrong, superfast… superimpetuous.
Pop loves playing in the park with Bip and the kids… but what he loves most are cookies!


The bubble-burst nemesis


Piu cannot stand Bip’s bubbles, and Bip cannot stand Piu bursting his bubbles. They are born to fight each other for any single and simple issue.






Don’t hesitate to share with us your BUBBLE BIP experience!